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"I experienced 'above and beyond' service when going through The Dane Partnership with regards to looking for my Industrial Placement year position as part of my Univeristy course. For what can be a daunting and stressful process, Lorna as well as her team made it very comfortable for me and prepared me in such a manner I surprised myself in the interview process. Lorna is one of those few people that cares so much for her work it shines through in the people she works with. I cannot reiterate enough how much I would recommend utilising the services of the Dane Partnership as they guide you from the beginning, through to the end in what is usually a difficult situation." 

Chris Adams

"I solely head up the HR function for our organisation and was recommended by a trusted supplier to contact Lorna Dane of the Dane Partnership to assist me with my HR and Recruitment needs.Lorna Dane has proved to be an excellent choice of business partner.  Her professionalism, knowledge, and experience has been invaluable and her commitment to providing an HR consultancy to our organisation has been money well spent.  She is a pleasure to work with and delivers a superb all round HR service.  I have no hesitation in recommending the Dane Partnership."

Client Testimonial - HR Manager

The application process for PCC’s Management Development Programme run by Dane Partnership has been comprehensive, extremely well planned and executed professionally. Within a six-week period I completed an online application, telephone interview, personal interview, psychometric tests and an overnight assessment centre. I have applied to major engineering companies in the past and not had a response for months, with this process I always had a response within days. Furthermore, Ellen provided the most frequent, professional yet personal communication throughout the process that I have ever experienced. Finally, I actually enjoyed the application process and even if I had been unsuccessful in my application, I know that I would only have positive words for the best application process that I have been involved with or heard of. Many thanks to Ellen Spencer and Lorna Dane, I would not hesitate to recommend the Dane Partnership’s services to anyone in the future.

Tom Leigh - Graduate

"The Dane Partnership have always provided a highly professional, personalised service when recruiting staff for us. They take time to understand the business, the requirements and always give 100% commitment to the task in hand."

Client Testimonial - Managing Partner

"I applied for a graduate role for a company through The Dane Partnership. Before I was contacted for a telephone interview, Lorna personally made sure that I was completely aware of the job profile. Lorna works very closely with the hiring company - to a level where I believed she was the person hiring me. Later I was contacted again for a face to face interview with Lorna and another assessor from the company. She had an interview with me prior to the one with the assessor which eased me into the process. I was again contacted for an assessment centre and conveyed the required information. I was regularly contacted and kept up to date on the status of my application and the reply was very quick. She had Ellen as her representative at the assessment centre to assist the candidates. The overall experience was very good and supportive - by far the best graduate interview process. Many thanks to Lorna and Ellen for the assistance."

Abhishek Govilkar

My experience of the Dane Partnership has been a very positive one. Ever since getting in touch about the role, I have had exceptional service from all the staff. Natalie, Lorna and the rest of the team were quick with their responses and all their communication had a personal touch, something which is missing in a lot of bigger recruitment firms. I cannot thank them enough for their help and assistance and would definitely recommend them to others. 

Ashwin Rao

"It has been an honour to work with Lorna and her team in the last few months. I recently applied for a graduate role for a large manufacturing company through The Dane Partnership. The process from the initial application right through to the assessment centre was flawless and by far the best I have seen. Throughout the process there was regular communication and timely responses from both Lorna and Ellen. I would like to give a big thanks to Lorna and Ellen who were not only highly professional but also very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend The Dane Partnership for anyone looking to start a promising career."

Allan Methven

Working with Dane Partnership has been a pleasure. The service from Ellen and Lorna was impeccable. Ellen Spencer was amazing, always ready to help me whenever I needed it throughout the whole process. She provided me with great detail of feedback at each stage which isn’t common these days. Lorna Dane was very warming, inviting and made the interview process a lot more manageable.  The service overall was remarkably quick and wonderful. Cannot express enough gratitude to the Dane Partnership team.

Nasrin Balera - Graduate

Working with the Natalie and the Dane Partnership to find my current role was a real pleasure – and not only because I was selected for the role! Within a few days of submitting my online application I was contacted for an initial telephone interview conducted by Natalie. Throughout the process all requirements and expectations for the different stages were communicated clearly and well in advance of any appointments, so that I had maximum time to prepare. I greatly appreciated the timely updates on the recruitment process and all the support throughout. Having been through interview processes, with a number of recruitment agencies, I can say that Natalie and the Dane Partnership were the only ones where I felt that they personally knew and remembered my CV and the role I was applying for. 

Kristin Schroeder - March 2016

I was very impressed with the friendly yet professional nature of everyone I dealt with whilst applying for a graduate job through The Dane Partnership. The level of support I received was outstanding and I am very grateful for all of the advice and help that they gave me. The process was quick and I was kept informed at all times throughout my application – something that seems to be increasingly rare nowadays. I was very impressed with the way they took an interest in me as a person and not just as another name on another CV. I would highly recommend The Dane Partnership to anyone and would like to thank them again for all of their help. 


"It has been nothing short of amazing working with The Dane Partnership. I totally enjoyed the process from the day Natalie called me, until I secured my dream role as a Account and Project manager. The Dane partnership is not your everyday high street recruitment agency, what they offer is a bespoke service which matches you perfectly with your desired role. Natalie was very professional yet friendly and helpful. She ensured that the interview process ran smoothly while working with my tight schedule. She also kept me up to date on a daily basis and gave me a lot of tips and encouragement. They also maintain a very good relationship with their clients and know exactly what they want from candidate. I look forward to starting my new role and enjoying the support still on offer during my settling period."

Mo Sadiku

"The service, assistance and support provided by Lorna Dane throughout the recruitment process was over and above of what I had experienced and expected from a recruiter. The very much personal and friendly approach that Lorna gave had made the process enjoyable. At all points she maintained contact and continuously kept me updated at each and every stage whilst being on hand to answer any questions that I had had for the graduate role. From an applicants perspective, The Dane Partnership should act as a model of how all recruitment campaigns should operate by for recruiting potential employees. To sum up in three words; professional, personal, and supportive."

John Gordon

Walking out of your offices I was struck at how refreshing it was to meet, greet and converse with someone that works in recruitment who is straight, ethical, transparent and is a pleasure to deal with. I read all your testimonials that feature on your website and slightly dismissed them as rather enthusiastic positive comments. I was wrong. Apologies for that. You were and your organisation was the living embodiment of those fantastic comments. I wish all recruitment companies could be like you! Alas they have some work to do. Keep up the good work!

Thank you once again and I wish you personally and professionally all the very best.


I would like to thank Natalie and the team at Dane Partnership. I was regularly kept updated throughout the recruitment journey and was made to feel comfortable in my interviews.  All aspects were dealt with very professionally and I am pleased to have had the successful outcome of being placed in a new role that I feel very well suited for thanks to the thoroughness of the process.  Thank you to everyone!

Jayne Streak

From the start, Lorna has been fantastic and kept me up to date with any development with my application. The rest of the team at Dane Partnership were equally as helpful which made the recruitment process as stress free and simple as possible.  Lorna and her team have placed me in a great role and I would recommend their services to anyone. 

Sam Howard

"I applied for a Logistics Graduate role advertised by The Dane Partnership. From the first call, I noticed how closely The Dane Partnership works with their customer, as they were able to answer in-depth questions about the role, and the employer. They then worked closely with me to provide guidance and support until the very end of the process.

Two things impressed me the most about The Dane Partnership: their speed, and accuracy. My application was handled in a very efficient manner from the outset. I was contacted the day I applied, and I received a job offer two working days after the interview. The Dane Partnership were meticulous throughout the process, sending very detailed and thorough emails which summarised each step as agreed. I was informed of any update in a very timely manner and I was completely clear on each step of the process at any time.

I currently work as Logistics Graduate, and I strongly recommend The Dane Partnership."

Antonio Malacrino

A huge thank you to Lorna and the team at Dane Partnership for providing myself, a newly graduated candidate, with excellent service during my job application. They were extremely efficient and reliable throughout the whole process which was a welcome relief from my experiences with other recruitment agencies! Lorna was fantastic, establishing a good relationship with myself and providing continued support and detailed feedback for my following interviews with the company. Thank you also for the card sent to my new office – such a lovely surprise and epitomises their brilliant and personal service. They are an outstanding company and I highly recommend them to anyone searching for a job.

Abbie Walker - Graduate

"Dane Partnership are the first agency I have found that understood my requirements and were honest. They offered me advice and support both in finding a job, and more recently within the job. My interview with Lorna reassured me that Dane Partnership listen to the candidates and employer's requirements and only link them together if both parties are the right match. I have recommended Dane Partnership to my family and friends for future job seeking and advice."

Client Testimonial - Marketing Communications Manager

"There isn't another recruitment agency on earth that works with the professionalism and dedication that you do. Thank you for your marvellous support. Any time you want a reference, just give my name and number."

Client Testimonial - Customer Services Manager

Thank you to Lorna & the Dane Partnership team. I have been so impressed with my journey, from the initial screening call to the appointment stage, the service is simply a class act. 

The team at Dane Partnership are beyond professional, distinguished, courteous & very efficient, led by Lorna who has been both nurturing & continually imperturbable. 

I look forward to the next stage of my career and again thank the Dane Partnership family. The service is highly recommended for candidates & clients alike. 


"Lorna has played a vital contribution to the agency's ongoing success in ensuring we attract and retain the right talent. Relocating the agency from London to the Berkshire area in 2011 was a huge decision (and yes a selfish one in that I now have a 3 minute versus a 3 hour commute) and we were filled with trepidation about the ability to find local talent. Lorna has worked exceptionally hard at proving that the local area works for our business and within a short period of time she's recruited us some top notch talent. She's a highly valued member of our growing team and I can't recommend her highly enough."

Client Testimonial - Founder & CEO,

"We recently had an excellent experience with the Dane Partnership who gave us an unrivalled service compared with other agencies we have used in the past. It was clear that Lorna had done her research and knew our business well. I especially liked the detailed applicant files which I have never come across before. The Dane Partnership presented us with a shortlist of individuals who all 'fitted the bill' and we were happily in the unusual position of being able to choose from six excellent candidates. We are delighted with our new recruit and will definitely be back for more." 

Client Testimonial - Dawn

From the start, my application was dealt with in an organised and professional manner. Lorna, Ellen and Ross were very efficient, friendly and supportive. I would highly recommend The Dane Partnership.

Maria McGregor

“Let me first start by saying thank you, again, not only for putting me forward for this great role but also the card you and your team got me. What a lovely surprise on my first day! In regards to the position... I don't think the role could be more perfect for me, I am so excited to get my teeth into all of the projects and cannot wait to put my own spin on things! I find myself going to bed each night so excited for my next day at work, so for that I am forever grateful to you and your team!”

Mercedes Oliveira

The help and support that The Dane Partnership provided me during my recent application for a graduate development position was sensational. Both Lorna and Ellen were always in communication with myself and kept me informed at each step of the process. The process was very quick and efficiently run and by far the best I’ve ever been on. I am very grateful for all their support and advice they gave me throughout each stage. I would highly recommend The Dane Partnership to anyone who is searching for employment as both Lorna and Ellen are a pleasure to work beside and will support you from the offset.

Blair Sutherland - Graduate

I have delt with many recruitment agencies but my experience at Dane Partnership was very professional and positive. 

They were very efficient and communicated with me throughout the whole recruitment process making me feel very comfortable. The personal care I was given was invaluable and I would recommend to Dane Partnership to my family and friends for seeking a job in the future. A special thanks to Lorna who treated me so well. 

Ankit Vyas, Graduate

'All the staff from The Dane Partnership are friendly and show a caring and personalised touch at all points in the recruitment process whilst still being extremely professional. Their contact before and just after starting working is not something I would not have expected from an agency, but then the company is not a typical agency as it aims to match up employers and potential recruits rather than a constant bombardment of irrelevant opportunities.'

Gavin Green

The Dane Partnership have been an incredible company to have worked with. I applied for a Junior Designer position and from the word go Lorna and the team kept me up to date and informed about every detail of the application. They were so accommodating of my work schedule when arranging interviews and meetings, and went above and beyond to make to whole process a very comfortable and enjoyable one. 

There was support from them until the very end and I believe a good friendship developed throughout the journey. I am forever grateful to Lorna, and the rest of the staff at The Dane Partnership as without them there is no way I would be where I am now: which is looking forward to starting my new role in the new year.

Claire Gold

Ellen is well connected, knowledgeable and a professional consultant, who went above and beyond to find and negotiate my new role. Her ability to understand my requirements and most importantly be discreet, gave me the comfort and confidence that I think is hard to find in the recruitment industry. Thank you Ellen, I cannot recommend you and the team at Dane Partnership highly enough.

Emma D'Elia - March 2016

"If you are looking forward to a thoroughly professional service at the highest level then look no further than Dane Partnership. They took the time to understand our requirements and only put forward those candidates who met or exceeded them."

Client Testimonial - F.D

Dane Partnership is the most professional agency I have ever worked with. Efficient,  courteous and well organised. Brilliant communication and I would recommend to everyone. 

James Belton

First of all I would like to thank yourself and Lorna for your continued communication and support throughout the application process; I've felt up to date and reassured at all times which has really helped.I was very impressed with the structure of the process, and it was nice that this continued at the assessment centre; it's clear the business is incredibly ambitious and I cannot wait to play a part in its success going forward.


"Our previous experience with agencies have been a disaster! Dane Partnership spent a lot of time and effort researching our requirements, writing job descriptions and candidate profiling at the start of the assignment. We were delighted at how detailed and accurate their report was. We used the Dane Partnership meeting facilities for first interviews, which gave us the time and privacy to manage the process away from the distractions of our offices. The candidates were all exceptional and far exceeded our expectations. In the current climate, going the extra mile is a necessity rather than a luxury and a philosophy we share in our own business. From the outset, Dane Partnership provided both exceptional service and support and more important, they delivered the results we needed.
We very much look forward to working with Lorna again soon."

Client Testimonial - Director

"I deal with recruitment agencies all the time in my profession, however my experience of using Dane Partnership was by far the most professional and uncomplicated service I have come across so far in my career to date. They were efficient and communicative throughout the recruitment process; ensuring that I understood and was prepared. Without doubt, I can say that their support and feedback had a significant impact on my securing this position. I am very grateful."

Client Testimonial - HR Advisor

Natalie and the team at Dane partnership are extremely professional and  are the most complete recruitment agency tailored for everyone’s needs. Brilliant communications and support throughout the recruitment process I can’t thank the team enough for all the help and assistance.

Jon Madge

From the outset, Lorna was hugely supportive and proactive in my placement in my new role. She was helpful throughout the interview process and beyond - and I would recommend the Dane Partnership highly.

Ben Knight

"First impressions really matter in the HR and recruitment sectors. I found all communications with Dane Partnership to be clear and accurate. Dane Partnership’s interface between the employer and me were seen to be open, honest and always helpful. I consider the service and support provided to have been professional and of a standard well above the norm for the industry. My dealings with Dane Partnership have been positive, worthwhile and enjoyable. I always felt that the agent had my best interests in mind and that they understood the business for which they were recruiting and just as important, they clearly understood the discipline in which I had experience and sought future employment. To this end, I am happy to provide a reference herewith and will certainly recommend the services of Dane Partnership to other businesses and acquaintances. I wish the partnership continued growth and success in the future."

Client Testimonial - JM, HR

"Thank you for all your help. I have no hesitation in recommending Dane Partnership not only within this office, but to our sister companies and acquaintances too."

Client Testimonial - PA to Managing Director

My experience of The Dane Partnership has been very positive. They have been extremely professional and so helpful. They matched me to a great job and the whole process has been so quick. Their friendly staff made the process stress free and comfortable. Thank you all very much. 

Natalie Lewarne

"I have previously been through a couple of assessment centres. Nervousness and tiredness due to travel usually have a negative impact on the candidate's performance however this was taken into consideration and these issues tackled by offering an informal dinner with the interviewers as well as a night at a hotel. In terms of the assessment centre itself, we were exposed to real life situations: negotiating, presenting results to the managers and solving real life problems. Giving us feedback straight after each exercise, making us realise where and how we could have improved. As well as that, the rapid response in terms of getting through the different stages from day 1 is something we appreciate as unsuccessful candidates have time to explore other work opportunities." 

Pablo Tenorio

As a job candidate, The Dane Partnership was invaluable for me. Lorna and Natalie were very professional and immediately put me at ease, giving me encouragement all the way, including great pointers for the interview and company I was put forward for. They explained all the steps of the process clearly, making sure I understood the role entirely. I feel very well supported and will definitely would use The Dane Partnership should the need arise in the future. I would highly recommend them, and will never be able to thank them enough for their commitment to me.

Jove Tocher - Designer

"I was impressed with the Dane Partnership during my recent application for a graduate development position.  The support provided by Lorna and her team was first class throughout.  Organisation, feedback and decisions were communicated quickly, honestly, and with sensitivity as and when needed.  They display a genuine respect for and interest in the people they work with making the whole process far more personal than I have experienced in the past.  I recommend them highly, they are excellent recruitment HR professionals."

Michael Thompson

"As a recent graduate in the Aerospace discipline, being plunged into the world of work and gaining that initial opportunity to kickstart your career is a daunting prospect. But, the highly talented, welcoming nature of Lorna and her team at the Dane Partnership, who have strong connections and experience within the Aerospace industry, helped me to feel comfortable in seeking professional and personal advice with my career aspirations. I am a real advocate of the Dane Partnership, and strongly believe they set the standard for HR and recruitment, maintaining a strong relationship with you throughout the job application process. They take real pride and interest in developing your career eliminating the feeling you are "just another candidate". A special thank you to Natalie Sanders and Krista King who were extremely supportive and helpful throughout my application aiding Lorna in helping me realise my aspirations in securing a job with a world class Aerospace company. My only criticism is that I didn't find them earlier!" 

Alex Watkins