Recruitment - How we do it 

Exclusivity - a rare USP

We will not work for rival or competitor businesses –  based on sector and location.  As such, we will recruit for you giving our commitment to exclusivity, using any of the methods shown below.  We have a very high regard to ethics, and will find your new employees with a clear conscience.


As with all recruitment, ethics and professionalism are the key factors to consider. Having agreed the brief and, in consultation with the client, we will identify the companies in which to search for likely candidates. On achieving the desired short-list, we will submit the candidate profile(s) to the client for consideration.

Advertised & Executive Search

We manage the copy and production of the advertisement without adding to, and in most cases reducing the costs normally available to a client. We carry out a robust process of applicant selection, testing and interviewing on behalf of the employer. A short-list of applicants is passed to the client for consideration. 

General Recruitment

We carry out a fresh search every time using a combination of advertising, networking and our own selective candidate register on which we keep information only for applicants with whom we have an established relationship. All our candidates will be interviewed and taken through the preliminary testing and selection process before being put forward to the client for consideration. 

CV Sifting/Response Handling

Many businesses prefer to outsource some or all of their recruitment operations such as CV sifting and advert response handling. On a fixed price basis, we are in a position to offer Advertising; CV Sifting and Response Handling; Telephone Screening; Interview Arrangement (including the use of our premises for appointments); Management of Offers and Candidate Responses & Referencing. For more information and details of our pricing structure, please contact the Dane Partnership Ltd direct.

Employment Legal Advice

Small to medium sized employers don't always have a dedicated person on site to manage the day-to-day HR issues. Therefore, it's good to know that someone is there to help answer a query when you need some assistance. We offer some complementary aspects of HR support within certain recruitment assignments, as well as a more in-depth support service to businesses who want a turn on/turn off HR advisory helpline. 

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