Employers: Pre-employment Considerations

Next time you need to recruit, consider your options carefully. Put together the necessary documentation and authorisations before you advertise the position or contact an agency. A little preparation goes a very long way. The last thing you want to make is an expensive mistake which will waste time and potentially lose credibility.

The following 5 suggestions will help you plan and execute an effective recruitment process:

  • Do you really have a vacancy and, what is the reason behind it?

    Is there a high attrition rate and is there a need to review the role whilst you have the chance.
  • Put together a recruitment pack, in which you should include:-
    • the business profile
    • vacancy job description and reporting structure
    • desired applicant qualifications, experience
    • a candidate profile
    • consider cultural issues; working conditions and company ethos

    This is an exercise that should be carried out with HR and the line manager responsible for the role. Make sure all authorisations are in place and budgets agreed in advance.
  • Review the salary, benefits and conditions. Find out the market rate for similar jobs in the local area.
  • Consider how you will recruit:-
    • Internal Transfer: Can someone be promoted or transferred?
    • Networking: Social, on the internet or word of mouth
    • Direct Advertising: Agents get preferred rates and pass on discounts to employers
    • Specialist Agency/Recruitment Consultancy: Headhunt, Advertised Assignment, Contingency or Sole Agency 
  • Consider interview and selection procedures. Keep on the right side of employment law with regards to recruitment and make sure you are fair and consistent throughout. A reputable agency will support and advise with regards to the relevant employment law when it comes to recruitment.

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