Human Resources (HR) Services  

Employment Legal Advice

Small to medium sized employers don't always have a dedicated person on site to manage the day-to-day HR issues. Therefore, it's good to know that someone is there to help answer a query when you need some assistance. We offer some complementary aspects of HR support within certain recruitment assignments, as well as a more in-depth support service to businesses who want a turn on/turn off HR advisory helpline. 

Handbooks, Policies & Procedures

Bespoke Handbooks, Policies and Procedures as well as a more generic 'off the shelf' starter pack can be provided.  We will personalise and offer advice on all HR documents in as much or as little detail as the client requires.

Special Projects e.g. redundancies and relocation

An HR partner to help with a particular task or assignment. For example, we can manage some or all aspects of office relocations; company restructures; outplacement issues including advice and support for those facing career changes and redundancy; Health & Safety audits etc. 


Focusing the time and efforts of those who seek new employment opportunities in the right direction, whilst offering practical and hands-on support and assistance within our highly successful and popular 1:1 outplacement sessions.  For full programme details and more information, please contact Lorna Dane on 01276 20444.

Outsourced HR Management

We offer an extensive range of HR support in an economical, timely and effective manner. HR services range from preparing a one-off employment contract to a complete HR overhaul. 

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